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  • Unusual Views: Aggie's Garage - Print image 18X24 - $47
    The image represents dillapidation of rural buildings - these are not in use any more but slowly decay.
  • Unusual Views: Austin's Nightlife -  Print image 23x12 - $57
    A bar scene with circular stools - circular motif is the essence of the picture.
  • Unusual Views: Eden - Print image 13x16 - $37
    ainting was mitivated by ruins of classical Greece - it is composed of dots of pigments - how many snakes can you identify?
  • Unusual Views: Feeding Frenzy - Image size 20x24 - Prints available upon request - $97
    Printed only upon request - this relatively recent painting can be puchase from the artist.
  • Unusual Views: Homeless Duck - Print matted in white to 18x14- $57
    The garbage infested marshes along the approaches to a megapolis such as the New York City, from New Jersey - the odor and smoke from incineration pervade the atmosphere - how can a duck survive such a hell?
  • Unusual Views: Hubert's Fish - Print matted in white to 18x14 - $57
    A mosaic of linear shapes forms colorful assembly of fish.
  • Unusual Views: I Give Up - 16x20 Print not available but the painting can be purchased from the artist
    A creature made out of junk is disgusted with its environment and, thus, sticks a screwdriver into its middle,doing away with itself.
  • Unusual Views: Nature's Course - Print image 20X16 - $37
    A frog eyes its prospective meal while being eyed by a hungry water turkey - who will reat whom? The picture is frozed in time and we will never know - do we really care?
  • Unusual Views: Persian Delight - Print image 16x20 - $57
    A mosaic portraying a Persian scape, motivated by the tales of '1000 and 1 Nights'.
  • Unusual Views: September Song - Print image 17x23 - $47
    An abandoned rural dwelling is taken over by nature - cement blocks placed to restore it are also abandoned and now only cats and birds are at home.
  • Unusual Views: Space Carnival - Print matted in white to 18X14 - $57
    Space fantasy. Fantasy and nothing but fantasy.
  • Unusual Views: Stone in Water - Print image 20x16 - $57
    A stone dropped from above disturbs the mosaic of fish.
  • Unusual Views: Thistles - Print image 16x20 - $47
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