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  • Memoria : Challenger - Print image 23x18 - $57
    Painted to commemorate the killed crew of space shuttle Challenger - the number '7' is evidenced in several ways - the main building of the Dulles Internation Airport and the image of the shuttle symbolize the advancement of tech nology at that time.
  • Memoria : Peace to the Righteous - Print image 29x23 - $77
    Grave site of Bill and Franciszka in Lwow who saved the artist's life under German Occupation of Poland during WW II, with the likesness of artist prostrated near the mound.
  • Memoria : Oh Beautiful! - Print image 20x16 - $57
    Imposing, stylized american landscape jolted by the Sep 11 terrorist attack - note that the water does not run level, boulders are falling and dark, unnatural brush strokes impinge upon the painting from four directions.
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