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  • Landscapes: April Flowers - Print not available 20x16
  • Landscapes: Beautiful Weather - Print not available 24X30
  • Landscapes: Blue Ridges - Print image 24x12 - $37 or 30x15 - $97
    A hilly scape with a large tree and a stump in the foregroung - motivated by Blue Ridge mountains.
  • Landscapes: Forest Glen - Print image 12x24 - $57
  • Landscapes: Dreadful Swamp - Print not available - 12x24
  • Landscapes: Landscape - Print image 30x15 - $57
    Stylized version of a canyon in Estes National Park - painted entirely with curved brush strokes.
  • Landscapes: Lothlorien - Print image 24x18 - $47
    The imaginery land of Elves told about in the Lord of the Rings story.
  • Landscapes: Sabbath Flowers - Print not available 20x16
  • Landscapes: The Shire -  Print not available 24x20
    Here the Hobbits dwell
  • Landscapes: Stone Wall - Print image 16x20 - $47
    A rural scape where stones are everywhere and where cows pasture.
  • Landscapes: Storm - Print image 17X23 - $47
    A tree in a strong wind.
  • Landscapes: Summer Barn - Print image 30x15 - $57
    A barn from inside, in a state of disrepair and disorder.
  • Landscapes: Untitled Flowers - Prints not available 18X14
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