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  • Holocaust: Apocalypse - Print image 22x22 - $57
    Explosion (or implosion) of the Western civilization under the impact of 'evil' yellow rays (radiation?), with prominent symbols of Christianity (crosses), but with less obvious symbols of Judaism and Socialism.
  • Holocaust: Destroyed Temple - Print image 20x15 - $57
    Torched Jewish house of prayer.
  • Holocaust: Final Days in Ghetto - Print image 20x16 - $37
    Hands of hidden Jews, streched upward in a gesture of plea for life - above the underground 'bunker' are boots of a policeman - rifle with a bayonet points toward the unfortunate victims - the painting captures the moment before death.
  • Holocaust: Fire Terror - Print matted in white to 14x18 - $57
  • Holocaust: Holocaust - Print matted in white to 18x14 - $47
    In the backgroung is the electrified fence of a concentration camp - breaking candlesticks and the Star of David are symbolic of the tragedy of Holocaust.
  • Holocaust: In Vain - Print image 15x18 - $37
    The composition symbolizes the yearning of an incarcerated person for nature - in vain, the hand strains to touch the vine which intrudes from outside.
  • Holocaust: Rebirth - Print image 23x18 - $47
    Casket opens up as the strobes of light impinge upon it - the liberated energy permeates the painting - the composition is painted entirely with linear brushstrokes.
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