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  • Fun & Games: Bagatella - Print not available.
    Dedicated to Larry
  • Fun & Games: Go Skins - Print image 16x20 -$57
    A composition of the many items that would cheer the hearts of Red Skin fans
  • Fun & Games: House of Mark - Print image 18x23 - $47
    Painted as a commission from a builder who constructs the interiors of commercial buldings - Joker card teases :Building permit YES and Building permit NO - the builder's name is MARK
  • Fun & Games: Larry's Palace - Print matted in white to 14X18 size - $47
    Dedicated to Larry and his woman-friend who drove many miles in order to gamble.
  • Fun & Games: Moon Rhythm - Print image 18X22 - $47
    The spirit of the Big Band era of the 1930's-1940's is evident in the circular composition.
  • Fun & Games: Nifty 50's - Print image 20X16 - $37
    The picture speaks for itself - verve, joy and fun of 1950 decade is illustrated by the items and words depicted from that optimistic era.
  • Fun & Games: Oh Sh't! - Print matted in white to 14X18 size - $47
    No comment by the artist is needed.
  • Fun & Games: Penn State #1 - Print image 19X23 - $47
    These were the happy days for the Penn State footballers and their fans.
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